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Another factor or particular person usually means another matter or particular person of the same kind. Another will likely be accompanied by a singular countable noun. nextObviously Marvel Girl is on our radar this thirty day period. See which other films and television displays we're excited about this thirty day period. additional infoiOS Your method does not satisfy the necessities to operate Firefox. Your technique does not fulfill the necessities to operate Firefox. Make sure you adhere to these Directions to setup Firefox. this linkIllustrations Phrase Origin See additional synonyms on Thesaurus.com adjective 1. currently being another or maybe more of the identical; even further; more: another piece of cake.The journey by road to Wolverhampton just isn't recommended to anybody other than the most seasoned bike owner. 除了经验非常丰富的自行车手外,建议其他人不要走去伍尔弗汉普顿的那条路。→ Proszę przynieść jeszcze jedną butelkę → Por favor, traga uma outra garrafa → Еще одну бутылку, пожалуйста → Kan ni ta in en until flaska, tack? → ขออีกหนึ่งขวด → Bir şişe daha getirir misiniz? → Làm ơn mang thêm một chai nữa → 再来一瓶吧iOS Your method may not satisfy the necessities for Firefox, however, you can attempt one particular of those versions:The rebels would not be pleased with everything other than the entire removal of the current regime... 叛乱分子只有彻底推翻了现政权才肯罢休。SpanishDict is devoted to enhancing our website depending on person feedback and introducing new and modern capabilities which will continue on to help you individuals master and really like the Spanish language. Use a suggestion, strategy, or comment? Mail us your feedback.Here's 1 footprint, and There's another rather unique. Absolutely nothing manufactured wholly for alone, nor however wholly for another, v.27. I believe it absolutely was but another shape of the advantage that went forth to mend. He really was to turn his operate in excess of to another guy to complete. Bulls, of which we have now two, are sometimes with just one mob and often with another.Joe è andato verso la banca mentre io sono andato nella direzione opposta, verso l'ufficio postale.Certi americani pensano che il controllo pubblico sul sistema sanitario sia semplicemente una forma di socialismo.a civil war with just one Neighborhood from another → une guerre civile opposant une communauté à une autre复数: others 一键安装桌面版,查词翻译快三倍 选择要添加的生词本